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Promoting The NW Groovement

THE NW GROOVEMENT is a unique inter-bred music culture in the Pacific NW that has been brewing below the surface, 
hidden behind the Grunge and Hip Hop scenes.  It is a new sound of many genres, where musicians create experimental fusion that melds elements of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, World Music, Electronica, and Spoken Word.  
Whatever it is called, It has a PULSE and makes you want to GROOVE!!
This site will promote the #NWgroovement to raise awareness of this underground music culture. 
We intend to showcase players , events, and news happening in the scene. The NW Groovement is a community and we want to support it.
Your partnership, content contributions, and suggestions are always welcomed.

The events, news, sounds, and partnerships listed on this site are updated regularly.

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